Materialism is the Primary Force Behind Gambling

The opportunity to own additional property instantly and without having to strain muscles is an utopian concept that everybody yearns for. Casinos use this concept to make business. They don’t even have to lure anybody inside their halls. People flock to them like they flocked to churches centuries ago. The lure of a quick, easy buck is irresistible. Much like the mythical siren’s call, it is hard to resist and avoid. You know that they are there. It’s just a matter of time before the lure sinks into you.

If materialism is the primary force, emotional highs and lows are the evolving forces that change a person’s curiosity. First timers will be reluctant to part with their money. Their anxiety increases as they skip one bet, then the next, trying to figure out a system where they can surely get back their money. At the same time, they fight the impulse to bet already and get it over with.

Once they do bet, the conflict changes into something different. Second thoughts occur as anxiety increases. As these depressing emotions work on them, hope flies high. The hope and anxiety continue to increase as the suspense builds up. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether their bets won or lost. If they did lose, most will bet again to get back what they lost. If they did win, most will definitely try again. So the cycle goes on again and again.

Curiosity is slowly turned into addiction. The cementing forces are a combination of money and emotion. When all of these are firmly embedded in your system, you become an addict. These first timers should have listened to their anxieties in the first place. They knew that there was no guarantee for their money. The money and emotions worked on these people. Most of them would enter the casino again a second time. It was fun, thanks to the emotional roller coaster. Those who choose to quit the casinos altogether after the second try are the lucky ones.

Aside from these factors, gambling also gives you a fleeting moment of freedom. For a short while, as you see the money changing hands, it seems to have no value. All that hard work for hard earned money amounts to nothing when gambling. Money is loved because of what it can do for you. Money is hated because of the seeming hardship one must conquer to get them. To see a hated object rendered useless or of no value gives that taste of freedom.

There are people who do win. Losers who see the winners are encouraged that they will have their time on the tables.

Here’s a word of warning, if you’ll listen to it. Those who frequent casinos or other places of gambling should know by now that you lose more than you win. Casinos are an easy business. The owners know that gambling means losing more than winning. If you are going to casino, consider your money lost.

I should know. I was a gambling addict once.