Don’t Miss an Important Information About Gambling Addiction

Gambling is a growing problem in the United States and Canada. This website is dedicated to helping the public learn about what treatment methods are available for problem gamblers. There now exist a number of ways that people with this addiction can get help.

Whether you play free pokie games, scratch cards, bingo, video lottery terminals, or casino games, it is no secret that gambling can become a problem. Problem gambling can lead to programs such as interfering with work, family or couple problems, money problems, and trouble with the law. Realizing that you need help with your addiction is important in the beginning. Many people don’t like to admit that they need help until it’s too late.

Problem gambling can lead to telling lies, borrowing money and not paying it back, stealing, or fraud. The sooner you get a grip on this destructive form of gaming the better. For some people with only moderate symptoms, reducing their amount of play may seem adequate and possible. While for other more serious gamblers, reducing their play isn’t an option. With many people it is a common choice to quit entirely than try to continue moderately. For many compulsive gamblers, once they start playing, they find it increasingly difficult to stop. That is why moderation may not be an option for many people.

The governments in Canada and the United States have promoted ad campaigns that promote responsible gambling. They tell us that we should let the game remain a game. However when the games we play were created and designed to be addictive. It is often quite hard for the game to remain a game. Many government led initiatives to help problem gamblers are focused more on harm reduction, than quitting entirely. These programs will often talk about reducing the amount of money spent, or walking away after a certain period of time. Anyone that has a real problem with betting will tell you that walking away can be very difficult. This is very true if you have just lost $200 and you are trying to win it back.

There now exist many good solutions to help you with your gambling addiction. There is a lot of good information about how to quit these days. You can now call toll free hotlines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These hotlines are available in both Canada and the United States. The information they provide can help you find the right resources you need to help you with your addiction.

For many people, playing on the internet is now become a serious habit. Internet betting now allows you to play at home without anyone judging your habits. For many this form of gaming has become a serious threat to their stability. Internet casinos are popping up everywhere and it makes it very easy for anyone to play from home. Even though this form of play is illegal in many states, regulating the internet is very hard. Despite laws, people still gamble on the internet. There’s not much regulation at this point. Teens and college students are increasingly getting into this form of gambling too. Many teens are finding it hard to cope with their losses.

There are many forms of help now available, which include therapy, meetings, hotlines, sponsorship, and family intervention. The articles listed in this website are created for the person that thinks he or she may need help. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you need help.