Gambling Stories From Real Gamblers, Part 2

More Irrational Gambling Thinking by Gamblers By Graham

I have been gambling for more than 20 years and one thing I know is that almost all gamblers think irrationally when it comes to gambling. I play video lottery terminals and I have lost a lot of money throughout my life because of these machines. Although I am sick of losing my hard earned money, I am just as sick of listening to irrational talk while playing these machines. It seems every gambler on these machines thinks they know it is about to pay out. Or they will say that because lots of 7’s are showing up, this means I will soon get a full line of 7’s. Many gamblers will also tell you to bet high or bet low for best results. All this talk is nonsense, everything about these machines is luck and mathematics. The player has no control whatsoever on the outcome no matter what he does. All the player can is press the button and choose his bet.

The machine decides if you win or lose and your odds are the same no matter how high or low you bet. I am truly sick of hearing these other gamblers talk on for hours irrationally about these video lottery terminals. I myself used to be one of them before I entered gambling therapy and learned about how these machines really work. The truth is that it is all luck, and no one knows when the machine will pay out, it could be today or in 3 days.

I went bankrupt thanks to my addiction to these machines and I don’t ever want to go through that again. Therapy helped me learn a lot about my addiction, but it wasn’t a total success, I still went to play. I did go less though and coupled with weekly meetings I eventually did slow down considerably. In therapy I realized that irrational thinking is something almost all gamblers do and it only defeats us. You can try and guess if something will happen, but you will never be 100% sure, it is all up to chance.

In the past year I have only been about 4 or 5 times to my favourite place to play. Sure I lost about 4000 bucks but that is much less than I lost in previous years. I am progressively getting better, and letting someone manage my money sure is helping me a lot.

Story by Tony

I am 31 and have been gambling even since I was 17. Already now, it’s been over 14 years now. And the worst thing about when you are a bit older is that you have access to more money. I’ve been telling myself to quit like at least 50 times now. This year alone 2014, I probably lost over $40 thousand on sports bets, online poker and internet casinos. The one thing I don’t touch is the pokies. As for the others, I keep thinking that I have an edge over the game if I do my homework. For example; the team statistics, the weather forecast, stadium size etc.

But at the end of the day, it’s always the same result, you win some but you always lose more. Three months ago I lost $5 thousand in 30 minutes at the casino and told myself I would never do this again. I remembered that feeling where your body starts to shake, and my hands were sweating and I was unable to sleep the whole night.

It’s a very depressing feeling, but like any other addict the feeling goes away within a week or two and I ended up starting the whole cycle again. Last week, I lost $10 000 in one hour all because I’ve been winning 3 or 4 hundred here and there thinking this can be my winning streak. I always fall into the same trap where I start betting big and lose big.

It’s a terrible feeling and it is my first time writing about my inner nightmare. I really need help with this, if I keep going at this rate I’ll lose everything. My successful business is starting to go down the tubes and if my wife knows about this then divorce will surely come next. I wish I never would have started down this road.