Gambling Stories From Real Gamblers, Part 1

Here are some real stories from gamblers and their spouses, these stories can help you identify with them to let you know that you are not alone.

The Story of Suzanne and Tim

Tim is becoming more and more unpredictable and his wife Suzanne, suspects that his attitude might be related to gambling.A reason why she thinks this is Suzanne has noticed that Tim is away from home very often, and when he is home he is tired, withdrawn and moody. Suzanne is beginning to feel like she is alone in the relationship.

Tim has liked gambling throughout his life, and he used to tell Suzanne about when he won or lost. A few years back after their had another baby, Suzanne asked Tim about whether or not they could afford gambling anymore. Tim told Suzanne that she shouldn’t be concerned as he could control how much he spent. Right now though Suzanne isn’t sure what to think because it looks like Tim is keeping his playing a secret from her. After work when he is usually home for dinner, he is now often not there and Suzanne wonders if he was out at the casino to place some bets. When Suzanne asks Tim about where he goes after work, Tim just changes the subject. She asks him if he went gambling, but Tim gets mad and walks away.

Over the past few years Suzanne has had to cover more of their bills than she used to. This is leading Suzanne to believe that Tim does not have everything under control like he pretends to. Paul always seems to have an excuse as to why he has less money, and Suzanne tries to be compassionate. But over the past year Tim doesn’t let her see his bank records like he used to, which worries Suzanne even more.

Suzanne doesn’t tell her friends about Tim’s gambling because she is embarrassed about it. Tim is now missing supper more and more and his excuses seem to be less convincing each evening. Suzanne wonders if she should ask Tim’s partner to confirm some of Tim’s stories about his overtime and his ever changing paycheque. Sometimes she thinks about calling a gambling toll-free phone number she saw on a website. As you can see by this story Suzanne is a little too understanding of Tim. She has let her love and trust for Tim begin to ruin her marriage and their finances.

As time goes by Suzanne will find that her family will be affected more and more unless she takes action.

I just can’t stop gambling By Paul

It all started with a $20 bet until i lost about $60,000 from all my life savings.

I am working from morning until night and sometimes the whole night through. But all the money I make from works goes to my gambling. I no longer feel proud and I have lost my wife and kids due to my addiction. They had been helping me over the past 3 years until they got really sick of it.

I know that it’s all my fault. I never seem to win anymore, I always lose. It seems to be the same story every time I go to the casino, I win in the beginning and then lose everything. My winning streaks never seem to last long anymore. Either way, the money I win always ends up going back to the casino. I keep hoping that this will be the last time i am in this situation.